Media Monitoring

Uburu Media Measurement and Evaluation Services focus on delivering detailed media monitoring, tracking, measurement, evaluation and analysis of traditional media (Newspapers), print advertisement, online media (banners, blogs, news portals and forums etc.) and Social Media.

Our diverse portfolio of media intelligence approaches and solutions has one objective – to equip clients with the tools that will help them make more informed and better business decisions, and also help in implementing the new public relations and social media measurement standards

Uburu Media Measurement and Evaluation is done based on AMEC (Association for Measurement & Evaluation for Communication) Standard. Using the latest technology and human analysis techniques, we are able to provide unique actionable insights to allow companies develop effective communication strategies.

Our unique metric combines volume, reach and favourability into a single number that reflects both quantitative and qualitative media impact on services or products. And with our senior team’s over 20 years combined global PR and media evaluation experience, we offer a level of insight that goes well beyond the norm in standard client/supplier relations.

Guided by the application of The Barcelona Declaration of 7 Principles of Measurement, Uburu Media Measurement and Evaluation helps you:

  • Measure your news hits and their favourability impact on target audiences by looking at article placement, messages and overall tone.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your messages with an in-depth look at article content. It will also look at your competition and their newsworthiness.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your communications strategy and identify trends unfolding in the media.