Event Management

At Uburu Eventing we believe that if your event is not leveraging the power of personal experience to endear your brand to employees, investors, consumers or the media, then it’s really not worth the hype, or the spend. So why bother?

With your goals, your audience and your messages in view, we can develop and execute bespoke concepts that will keep people talking about your brand long after the event has ended, and the initial thrill and excitement has waned. We mean a truly empathetic and transformative experience

From product launches to shareholder meetings, anniversary celebrations to seminars and conferences, we will help you plan and manage every aspect of your event: theme, message content, choice of venue, décor & ambience, ushers & costumes, logistics, production, protocol, security, media etc.

We understand clients’ budgetary concerns too, and we have built valuable, long-standing relationships with a wide network of partners and suppliers that allows us to get the fastest turnaround time on orders, and the highest quality of service at the best price.

Our effective in-house quality control and supplier evaluation system ensures that there is no compromise on standards and, of course, we are constantly establishing new links, keeping in tune with latest trends and sourcing better deals for our clients.