Corporate PR

Now more than ever before the reputation of a company or brand is crucial to its survival, and the only way to ensure continued relevance and success is to strengthen relationships with principal stakeholders (internal and external) and build trust and confidence.

Uburu Corporate helps institutions, companies and brands to develop and sustain an open, honest and transparent conversation with their stakeholders, ensuring that corporate messaging is empathetic, clear and consistent across all communication channels.

We offer expertise in following areas of public relations:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Media Relations
  • Online PR & Social Media Management
  • Issues & Crisis Management
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory

A better-motivated workforce, increased investments, greater loyalty among customers, and better-aligned government and public interests are among the values that our work with clients brings to their business.